Pet friendly

​Pets are permitted in all our accommodations, with a few conditions.

All pets must comply with health regulations, demonstrated with a vaccination record. The owner of the animal is entirely responsible for any incidents involving third parties.

Large animals or breeds considered risky are only allowed if agreed in advance with the management.

All animals must be kept in such a way as not to disturb or harm other guests or things in the village. The owner of the animal is responsible for any damage.
Dogs must always be kept on a leash and may not enter the swimming pool area, sports areas, playgrounds or restaurants.

If pets are brought to the accommodation, an additional €60.00 payment is required at all accommodations for end-of-stay cleaning. For the pitches, there is no extra fee to bring your pet with you.

The village offers a dog-sitting service on the premises or nearby, with various options: full-day or half-day. For more details, contact the village Infopoint. (